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Walking Progress

Last Updated: September 12, 2010

So here are three images that I’ll update moderately on my walking progress.  I figured rather than a new blog post every time I wanted to add new images that it would be easier to just keep it all in one place that is regularly updated.  Also, I’ve added the a few dates below for a general idea of the time progression as well.  Explanations of each graph are below the respective images.  So without further ado, here they are.

2010-04-22: Since the last time I uploaded the images, I’ve made some changes.  One goal of my rehab lately has been to walk more often – as close to every day as possible.  As such, there is now much greater variation in my day-to-day walking.  The graphs started to look like such a mess of data that I’ve instead decided to only plot days on which I reached a new maximum number of steps.  I’ve also removed the moving average trend lines, as they are no longer meaningful.

2010-09-12: Updated.  Managed to hit 3,000 steps a couple days ago. I’m continuing walking nearly every day and trying to up my daily maximum, which is different from the maximum values which appear in this graph and I only hit occasionally.  But of note is that both the average number of steps per walk, as well as the maximum number of steps in a single walk, are both either equal to or greater than the total number of steps I could walk in a day when I first started tracking just over a year ago.  Pretty cool.


This shows the progress of total number of  steps walked within a given day.  Keep in mind, they aren’t consecutive steps. So  the graph starts with 600 total steps back in August, and comes to 2100 steps in a single day in March.  It provides insight into longer-term endurance.

2010-04-22: While my daily sessions used to last roughly two hours, I’ve since tried to make my walking a bit more typical. I now break up my sessions throughout the course of a day, rather than just resting until I’m no longer fatigued. My goal is to get closer to the concept of walking throughout a day. It forces me to stretch my legs more, as they tend to tense up a bit between walking, however the long-term consequence of this is I’m stretching out a lot more than previously.max_steps_in_one

This image shows the maximum number of steps I was able to walk within a single walk before resting.  This gives an idea of shorter-term endurance.


And finally, this last graph indicates the average number of steps I’m taking in each individual walk per day.  It also gives more of an idea of short-term endurance, and gives an idea of how far I can walk in shorter bursts before needing to rest.

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