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A picture’s worth a thousand words

Well, it’s been a while since I posted something.  I’ve been pretty busy lately both with therapy and some other things I’m keeping my mind occupied with.  I’ve ramped up to four days per week of physical therapy, and I’m hoping to add a fifth before too long.  I feel like I’m at the point where my core and my legs are starting to get strong enough that more work is actually beneficial to them, as opposed to resulting in stiffness for days after. It’s a good feeling, and although I’m occasionally frustrated at having to deal with all of this, the continued progress really helps me to stay positive.

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November 6, 2008   5 Comments

A dip in the pool…

I’m still damp.  Not sopping wet, mind you, but just a nice damp.  I got in the pool late this afternoon during a session with a physical therapist I know who lives close by and is helping me out.  It was the second time we got in the pool, the last being about a month ago, and I was excited at the prospect.  The last time we got in the pool, I was able to put weight into my left leg and stand on it.  I was also able to take a few steps, although the therapist had to brace my right knee since the quadriceps and hamstrings weren’t kicking in to help straighten it.  This time went even better.

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August 13, 2008   4 Comments

Maybe it’s *not* HO after all.. And back to popping wheelies

So after all my concerns about the swelling in my leg being due to HO (Heterotopic Ossification), it turns out it might not have been after all.  But we’re still not 100% sure yet.  I was sent for a CT scan last week after the swelling hadn’t changed at all over the weekend, and the results were surprising – my leg is filled with blood.

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April 7, 2008   4 Comments

The HO was (hopefully) a False Positive.. And Some Random Thoughts

When I was first admitted to Mount Sinai, Dr. Stein‘s initial exam revealed limited flexion in my hips.  The left was observed to be worse than the right, but both were suspected.  I was sent for a bone scan and when the results were in,  Dr. Stein indicated that from what was observed on the bone scan it was believed that I had Heterotopic Ossification of the hip (or just HO for short).  Basically, bone was forming in my hip where it shouldn’t be.

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March 24, 2008   9 Comments

I’m inspirational? And my first wheelie off a four-inch curb.

Today in Transitions (a group composed of both in-patients and out-patients here at Mount Sinai that meets once weekly), we all shared feelings relating to getting back out in the world.  In-patients talked about how we felt when we got here, how we feel now and what our expectations are for the future; out-patients talked about what their expectations were before leaving, and whether those expectations have been met, exceeded or unmet.  Overwhelmingly, all of the out-patients said their expectations had been exceeded.  They also said they still have a lot they can learn from in-patients.  I never thought I would be complimented in the way I was before the discussion ended.

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March 13, 2008   7 Comments