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Want to see the screws in my neck?

While an inpatient at Mount Sinai, a set of CT images of my neck were ordered.  Dr. Stein reviewed them and determined everything was healing nicely, and also provided them on CD to Dr. Anant.  Well after my recent visit with Dr. Anant, I managed to get a copy of the CD and I thought I would share some of the more interesting images with you all.  In them, you can clearly see the titanium that is now implanted in my neck: four screws in the back, and one plate in the front.

There are about 52 images in here, so I apologize for the load time.  But they’re worth it.  :)  I also apologize for the layout problems on this page.  They’re due to the width of the CT images, and I will work on getting it resolved at some point, but I make no promises.

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July 25, 2008   4 Comments

I like to kick people

Really.  It’s probably my favorite thing to do these days.  When therapists come near me, I kick them and they just smile.  When visitors come, I kick them and they either break into tears or start excitedly shouting.  Then they ask me to kick them again.  You see, I’m not being mean – I’m showing them for the first time that one of my legs has started to wake up.

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May 11, 2008   12 Comments

My left big toe

I can move it.

May 7, 2008   8 Comments

The HO was (hopefully) a False Positive.. And Some Random Thoughts

When I was first admitted to Mount Sinai, Dr. Stein‘s initial exam revealed limited flexion in my hips.  The left was observed to be worse than the right, but both were suspected.  I was sent for a bone scan and when the results were in,  Dr. Stein indicated that from what was observed on the bone scan it was believed that I had Heterotopic Ossification of the hip (or just HO for short).  Basically, bone was forming in my hip where it shouldn’t be.

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March 24, 2008   9 Comments

Details on My Injury and Surgery

What follows is detailed information about my specific injury.  If you’re not interested in the gory details, you can skip this one without missing anything about the journey itself.  But if you want to learn how much the spinal column and cord can move and still retain some resiliency, read on. [Read more →]

March 12, 2008   7 Comments

Surgery and Initial Recovery at Lutheran

When I arrived at Lutheran Hospital in Brooklyn, I was very much shaken up.  The reality of the situation was setting in: all my clothes were cut off, my piercings were all removed (not that I had a ton, but a few that I’d had for a while that meant a lot to me), I was sent for a CT scan and other imaging, an arterial line was inserted (in case you’re unfamiliar, they’re pretty painful due to the large size of the needle), and I was told to wait while the images were reviewed. [Read more →]

March 12, 2008   4 Comments

Prelude – About the Injury

If you are already familiar with  my particular injury, then you may feel free to skip this particular post.  For those who don’t know the details (or want more), feel free to read on to see how I wound up where I am. [Read more →]

March 6, 2008   3 Comments