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A Funny Thing Happend On the Way to the SICU…

Now that residency interview season is over and programs and applicants have all submitted and certified our rank lists, I thought I’d share a funny story that happened at one of my interviews.

We were on the hospital tour, and being an interview for general surgery, we were taken to the SICU. In this particular hospital, as in many hospitals, several buildings have been joined together that were not all built at the same time. And as is often the case when this happens, the floors were not at exactly the same levels. So when connecting from one building to another, there is a bit of an incline.

We were walking up that incline, and just as we got to the top, I felt something squeeze my right arm around the triceps. I looked to my right side to see what happened, and saw a guy standing next to me that I hadn’t talked to at all that day.

“I figured you must have some serious guns!”

So naturally, he proceeded to grab my arm. Seriously?

I’m not sure why he felt compelled to invade my personal space and touch me when we hadn’t even said as much as “Hi” to each other prior to then. He said it with a smile, and he didn’t appear to intend any malice. I just think he’s somebody who doesn’t understand the concept of personal space.

It was an incredibly awkward experience, a story which I’ve relayed to several people and just laugh about at this point.

So guy who groped my arm, if you ever happen to wind up reading this, please, don’t randomly touch people you don’t know.

February 23, 2013   No Comments