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A picture’s worth a thousand words

Well, it’s been a while since I posted something.  I’ve been pretty busy lately both with therapy and some other things I’m keeping my mind occupied with.  I’ve ramped up to four days per week of physical therapy, and I’m hoping to add a fifth before too long.  I feel like I’m at the point where my core and my legs are starting to get strong enough that more work is actually beneficial to them, as opposed to resulting in stiffness for days after. It’s a good feeling, and although I’m occasionally frustrated at having to deal with all of this, the continued progress really helps me to stay positive.

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November 6, 2008   5 Comments

My Inspiration

Many people who know me also know that I have wanted to be a surgeon, or at least some type of physician, since I was a child.  I can’t say what first attracted me to it other than sheer fascination and curiosity, but I can say with definite certainty that it has always been my goal.  As soon as I was old enough, I obtained my EMT certification and became deeply ingrained in the local ambulance corps.  Before and after then, I was volunteering in hospitals and even shadowing doctors.  Every time I entered one of these situations, I was overwhelmed with excitement.  I knew that was where I belonged for the rest of my life.  But just after I was injured, although I knew I could complete medical school, I became very scared that surgery might be out of my reach forever.

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May 3, 2008   8 Comments

I’m Just as Uncomfortable as You

Being on a spinal cord injury (“SCI”) ward at a top hospital like Mount Sinai makes it easy to forget how people see those in a wheelchair.  Everybody around you is either a patient or support staff that specialize in handling this type of injury.  I’ve made a good number of friends here, and while heading down the hall I’ll speak with or at least smile at the other patients.  Everything seems easygoing, until you’re faced with something that makes you so uncomfortable that you don’t know how to respond.  Even here. [Read more →]

April 17, 2008   4 Comments

Ups and Downs

Some days are better than others.  Most here are positive – there are a lot of positive people around, and the spirit is very supportive.  Sometimes, that doesn’t make one bit of difference and something seemingly routine just sets off all kinds of unpleasant emotions.  It seems to be par for the course around here.  Today was one of those days. [Read more →]

March 20, 2008   1 Comment

I’m inspirational? And my first wheelie off a four-inch curb.

Today in Transitions (a group composed of both in-patients and out-patients here at Mount Sinai that meets once weekly), we all shared feelings relating to getting back out in the world.  In-patients talked about how we felt when we got here, how we feel now and what our expectations are for the future; out-patients talked about what their expectations were before leaving, and whether those expectations have been met, exceeded or unmet.  Overwhelmingly, all of the out-patients said their expectations had been exceeded.  They also said they still have a lot they can learn from in-patients.  I never thought I would be complimented in the way I was before the discussion ended.

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March 13, 2008   7 Comments