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Home, sweet…. home?

As many of you know or have discerned from comments to the last major blog post, I have finally been released from Mount Sinai and am now home.  I was finally discharged on Friday, May 23rd, at the very late hour of 7pm.  Being the day before a holiday weekend, I figured there was no way the ambulette service would be anywhere near on time.  So I planned accordingly, packing my things slowly so I’d be ready for their 4pm scheduled arrival.  3:15pm rolls around, and the driver showed up.  I wasn’t ready!  He said they would send another driver back to pick me up around 4pm.  After numerous calls to dispatch to complain, and being told repeatedly, “within 30-45 minutes,” a different crew finally arrived at 7pm to pick me up.  Aye.  And being at home hasn’t been any more smooth/easy, either…

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June 10, 2008   9 Comments

I like to kick people

Really.  It’s probably my favorite thing to do these days.  When therapists come near me, I kick them and they just smile.  When visitors come, I kick them and they either break into tears or start excitedly shouting.  Then they ask me to kick them again.  You see, I’m not being mean – I’m showing them for the first time that one of my legs has started to wake up.

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May 11, 2008   12 Comments

My left big toe

I can move it.

May 7, 2008   8 Comments

So…. It’s not HO. Really. And a general status update.

After being put back on Etidronate for suspected rebound HO, and subsequently discovering my leg was actually engorged with blood, I remained on the meds just in case the recent swelling in my right leg was due to a combination of factors.  One of those factors could still have been HO.  Earlier this week, though, an x-ray was taken to see how the right hip is doing.  And much to my satisfaction, there is no calcification.  No bone forming where it shouldn’t.

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April 27, 2008   No Comments

Grip Strength Returning

Grip strength.  It’s an interesting indicator.  One thing I didn’t realize prior to my injury (among many things) about SCI is how many systems are affected.  My injury level would suggest that I would have much more limited upper body movement than I do.  Despite good mobility, the movement I do have is affected.  But it is getting better.

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March 19, 2008   2 Comments