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Want to see the screws in my neck?

While an inpatient at Mount Sinai, a set of CT images of my neck were ordered.  Dr. Stein reviewed them and determined everything was healing nicely, and also provided them on CD to Dr. Anant.  Well after my recent visit with Dr. Anant, I managed to get a copy of the CD and I thought I would share some of the more interesting images with you all.  In them, you can clearly see the titanium that is now implanted in my neck: four screws in the back, and one plate in the front.

There are about 52 images in here, so I apologize for the load time.  But they’re worth it.  :)  I also apologize for the layout problems on this page.  They’re due to the width of the CT images, and I will work on getting it resolved at some point, but I make no promises.

Overview Images

This is just a basic image from the front.  In addition to my dental fillings, you can see the the small square-ish plate in the front of my spine.  It has bulbous, round corners and the top row appears in alignment with the bottom two screws.  If it seems a bit unclear now, I think the later images will clarify it for you.

Side viewHere is a similar view from the left side.

C6 Top-down Images

This series of images shows you the C6 vertebra from the top down, i.e. the first image is the most superior (highest) image of C6 in the series and the last image is the most inferior (lowest) image of C6.

For reference, the top of each image in this series represents the anterior (front) of my body, and the bottom represents the posterior (back) of my body.

This image clearly shows the two screws in the anterior (front) that hold the small plate in place, and the screws in the posterior (back) of the spine.

C7 Top-down Images

Just like the previous series, this sequence displays the C7 vertebra.  All positional and referential information is the same.

Front-back Images

This series is pretty cool.  It starts at the anterior (front) of my body, looking straight at me.  It then progresses more posteriorly, showing the entire cervical region.  It gives a very clear view of the plate and the screws.

Left-inward View

This series starts from my left shoulder and shows cross-sectional images moving towards the right side.  You can see the screws on the left of both vertebrae, then the plate in front, and finally the other (right-side) screws on both vertebrae.

Pretty interesting, I think. I’m hoping to get ahold of the pre-op images showing the extent of damage to the cord, but that is going to take some time. Once I do get them, I’ll be sure to post them here.

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